Window gaskets for classic cars – discreet yet indispensable

Practical window gaskets are used to protect Mercedes Benz classic cars (and of course, also other makes of car) and their passengers. These are discreet components consisting of smooth plastic which are applied to windows (front and rear windscreens).

Window gaskets are predominantly made from rubber, plastic, felt, or sometimes from metal. They perform various functions. Although this spare part seems very inconspicuous, no Mercedes Benz classic car would get by without window gaskets. In the end, window gaskets ensure that passengers are protected from external influences and that the chassis does not sustain weather-related damage.

The necessity of window gaskets is emphasised by three main functions:

1. The window gasket protects the interior from external influences such as rain, dust particles, cold air and heat.

2. A further task is fastening the windows. The window gasket holds the window safely in place and prevents vibration-related noises. In addition, it holds the window in such a way that protects it from breakage, for example when the doors are slammed.

3. Window gaskets prevent moisture, not just from entering the car interior, but also in many cases from getting into the chassis as well. This keeps the car safe from rust for as long as possible, which significantly prolongs the service life of your vehicle.

The window gaskets available in our shop are sold in units, unlike our goods sold by the metre. They are ideal as a retrofitted product and you can even install them yourself. Thanks to their flexibility, they have consistently changed to suit daily stress.

The summer is an especially good time to replace worn or broken window gaskets. Take a look in our shop, we’re sure to have the right spare part for you! You will also find what you need for side or triangular windows with our collection of rubber seals, regardless of whether these are sold by the unit or by the metre.

By the way: To ensure you can enjoy the use of your window gasket for a long time, we have put together some useful tips to look after rubber seals.

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